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31, Oct 2014Styled Shoot, Weddings


So, it’s the beginning of September and I’m busy editing a wedding. Up on messenger pops the lovely UWM (Ultimate Wedding Magazine) editor Tina Reading… ‘We need to start thinking about the November/December cover… I’m thinking ice queen! Any ideas?’…

Before I knew it I was typing ‘How about Icebar London?’

Within minutes (seriously!) Tina had tweeted them and they said yes! Wow! Both Tina and I were in shock – we didn’t really think we’d be able to but with an opportunity like that we had to make it work. This cover was going to be awesome!

The next step was to take a visit to Icebar and scout out the location and see just how cold -5°C actually is. We were met by the very lovely Tom who wasn’t phased by any of our wacky ideas and gave us a tour of the premises.

Although famous for it’s bar of ice (I’ll tell you about that in a minute) the venue also has a very stylish – normal climate – bar area and a large restaurant in the cellar below. As a photographer unusual settings really get me excited. Dark wood panelling, heavy wooden doors, brick vaulted ceilings and above the fully stocked bar a glass light fitting to die for – I was in my absolute element. The ‘ice’ cover shoot was now to be a gorgeous styled shoot showcasing the stunning surroundings of IceBar as a whole.



And so onto the reason we were there in the first place, the ice! Any visitor to the ice bar is required to wear a rather cosy cape and gloves to keep the chill at bay.  However we were planning on sending in models wearing wedding dresses. We needed to see if it was doable – if we couldn’t survive 5 minutes in a t-shirt this idea was going to be a no go.

We walk in and the first thing that strikes us (apart from the cold) is the absolute beauty of the ice. It is carved out of crystal clear ice harvested especially from the frozen Torne River in Jukkasjärvi, Northern Sweden. Within each block are natural cracks and even the odd piece of twig and leaf – its stunning and I find myself in my happy place again!

After 10 minutes in the bar we are cold but not anywhere near hypothermia. The shoot was on!

Shoes for the shoot were provided by Love Art Wear Art, a creator of beautiful limited edition shoes. Having just photographed some of their new designs for their website I knew that they would be perfect for the shoot. We were able to feature two styles, Scarlett and Kunja.


Every Ice Queen needs an amazing crown and we were spoilt for choice when we saw the vast collection available from La Crystal Belle. We were able to photograph three very different styles including my favourite design – a stunning replica of a diamond tiara work by Princess Marina of Greece in 1934.


Grace Reading, Desire Hair and Beauty worked her magic yet again and finished the look with beautiful hair styling and make-up. I have worked with Grace on many occasions now. Her skill and expertise is second to none – she is truly a master of her art.


We were very lucky to feature a bespoke wedding dress design by Charlotte Garrett. Having worked with Charlotte before on a James Bond styled shoot last year it was lovely to work with one of her designs again. This large skirted dress with long-line fully boned corset was set off amazingly against the warmth of the wooden cellar and cool of the ice.

And last but not least our models – Alexis Hunt and Tina Massacre. These girls were amazing as our Russian princess and Ice Queen and dealt with the extreme chilliness in their stride.










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The ‘Frozen’ Shoot Team For: Ultimate Wedding Magazine Location: Icebar London Photographer: KLP Photography Hair & Make Up: Desire Hair & Beauty Models: Tina Massacre & Alexis Hunt Corseted Dress: Charlotte Garrett Grecian Dress: Owned by Tina Reading Shoes: Love Art Wear Art Tiaras: La Crystal Belle